Anti reversal latch, ver.7

Model/varenr.: 16617

The impact on the anti-reversal latch caused by the cycling of the gears, resulting in shortening of life expectancy, and resulting in damage to internal parts of gear box. The company used a special steel to manufacture the axis of the latch, and using a integrated design to allow the overall life expectancy.

Best quality reversal/anti prevention latch that ensure the gears in the gearbox do not rotate backwards causing the AEG to double-fire unintentionally. Especially if a very powerful upgrade is selected this part needs to be looked after and changed regularly to secure optimal performance.

For version 7 gearbox.
Colour orange.

The ULTIMATE® Upgrade Series are made of reinforced material to secure the best performance and durability.

For in-depth information on ULTIMATE® Upgrade Series, see catalogue.

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