Løb, SS, præcision, 6,03x229mm

Model/varenr.: 16657

The material that is used to manufacture the product is pure steel, for the purpose of enhancing the strength of the barrel, and to improve the durability.  Also it is perfectly compatible with the HOP bucking, and does not scratch the rubber on the bucking.  Most importantly, the special design of the barrel helps the air to travel in the desired direction, drastically improves the accuracy and the distance which the ammunition travels. The company is confident that this is by far the most advanced inner barrel for AEG on the market.

The precission barrel is build with high density steel, and has been processed with a lair of black coating to prevent it from rusting. please use silicon oil or similar product for regular maintenance to increase the longevity of the barrel.
Note that during maintenance the dark brown substance coming off the barrel is the protective coating; it is not rust.

Obs: Alle nye løb skal renses grundigt inden de tages i brug.


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