Goggle, ProtoSwitch FS, thermal, black

Model/varenr.: 40020001-T

The ProtoSwitch™ FS System comes standard with an advanced triodial anti-fog clear lens and a co-molded combination density mask for flex under play.
Sleek adjustable shade visor comes standard.

The ProtoSwitch™ FS System is available in Black and Camo.


  • Switch™ visor Self-venting, low profile and removable, the visor is able to pivot up and down for easy lens replacement.

  • Switch™ tirodial lens giving you the ultimate in vertical and horizontal peripheral vision. All Switch™ lenses have perfect optical clarity, setting the standard in visual performance. The FS system comes standard with an anti-fog thermal lens.

  • Our incredibly simple 1/4 turnbuckle making the hassle of changing lenses a thing of the past. Simply turn the locking tabs to the right to unlock your lens frame. Pop out your old lens, drop a new one in, place the frame over the lens into position, and turn the tabs back again to lock it in.

  • Silicone woven rubber goggle strap designed to be adjusted to fit your head and stay there.

  • Tiger tooth strap buckles allows you to adjust the strap for a custom fit and will bite down to secure the strap. Just set it and forget it.

  • Multi-ported earpieces allows unrestricted audible transfer to take place without sacrificing any ear protection and provides total comfort with two-layer foam..

  • One-piece co-molded combination density mask for flex under play.

  • Unidirectional venting Drastically reduces re-ventilated fogging. The venting also assists in keeping you cool and breathing easy.

  • Soft lower section allows comfortable fit when shouldering your weapon.

  • CE certified, your guarantee for safe reliable protection.

 Vi har testet dem med udgangshastigheder på 165 M/S og 240 M/S, samt stress test med skud på samme punkt og fuldauto, og det klarede de helt fint.

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