Gearboks, hus inkl. lejer, version 2

Model/varenr.: 16592
Der medfølger selectorplate og nozzlestyr.
  1. This product is a mixture of a variety of high-temperature metallic materials, after a lengthy testing, toughness, strength are up to the highest standards, and has the effect of impact-resistant.

  2. The most accurate 8mm holes design, its advantage of being able to effectively control the center hole and there will be no bias current, as occurred.

  3. 8mm Ball Bearing 8mmX3mmX2.5mm the size of the Japanese specification, not only to enhance both the strength and smooth degree bearing.

  4. With the product comes with the choice of films for the 8mm to change sets and provides screws for the M3 fine tooth specifications.

  5. Product surface coated with a layer of trivalent chromium provides anti-wear and anti-oxidative effect.

  6. Compatible with all 2nd generation guns

399,00 DKK
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