Cylinder hoved, aluminium, ver. 6, hexakrom grøn

Model/varenr.: 16606
  1. Hard surface treatment, so that strength, hardness and wear resistance up to the most perfect degree.

  2. BOX cylinder head front end and the joints, the company uses the same with the original size, but it washed out a ditch and retrofit to be within the rubber shock absorbers.

  3. The company uses original specification, but it washed out a ditch and added in rubber rings as shock absorbers.

  4. Composite CNC machined to maintain an overall accuracy

The ULTIMATE® Upgrade Series cylinder head have been CNC manufactured in machine-aluminium and thereafter anodized with a colour code for easy recognition. The heads have been designed with double rubber seals to minimize loss of compression from the cylinder. The special ‘trumpet design’ ensures optimal delivery of air to the barrel/BB. Furthermore, the cylinder heads have a powerful built-in rubber band that absorbs the shock from the piston head.

Green for version 6 gearbox.

ULTIMATE®’s cylinder parts are designed to give the best possible air compression and durability. For this reason we recommend always using ULTIMATE® cylinder parts and not combining or mixing with other upgrade parts as this can affect the result and performance of the upgrade.

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