Troyes: The Ladies of Troyes

Model/varenr.: PGLOT01

With this expansion, the rules of the base game can be modified in five different ways, and you can mix and match those modifications as you see fit.
•The ladies of Troyes make an appearance in the form of 3 new Character cards that you can include in your games.
•A new action allows players to move their guard along the ramparts, in order to access new activities outside the city.
•Each player’s head of the family is represented by a new purple die, which can carry out civil, military, or religious actions — your choice! The other players cannot buy this die.
•There are also 27 new Activity cards and 6 Event cards to add even more variety to the game!

46 cards,
8 outdoor Activity tiles, deniers and victory point tokens,
20 large cubes,
4 rampart guards,
6 dice,
2 gray citizens,
1 appendix,
1 rulebook.

349,00 DKK
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