Out of the Darkness (Retrospective 1994-1999) CD

Model/varenr.: MS1008-CD

Out of the Darkness (Retrospective 1994-1999) CD

Re-recorded and re-mastered Midnight Syndicate classics from Midnight Syndicate, Born of the Night, and Realm of Shadows.  Also, features four previously unreleased tracks from the archives.  With over an hour of haunting music, this retrospective breathes new life into the early tracks that helped launch the band.  Contains previously released material.  (68 minutes)

Track Listing

1. Realm of Shadows
2. Darkness Descends
3. Born of the Night
4. Return of the Apparition
5. Legions of the Dead
6. Eye of the Storm
7. Solemn Reflections
8. Nightstalker
9. Noctem Aeternus
10. Haunted Nursery
11. Sanctuary
12. Into the Abyss
13. The Night Beckons
14. Masque of Sorrow

15. Forbidden Crypts
16. Theme to The Dead Matte - (Vampire's Kiss)
17. Darkfolk - (Shadows)
18. Soliloquy
19. Beyond the Gates
20. Eclipse
21. Scenes from The Dead Matter
22. Prisoner of Time
23. Theme to Journey Into Dementia
24. Druids
Contains previously recorded material

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