Test Of Fire - Bull Run 1861

Model/varenr.: MFG4861

July 21, 1861 the raw untried armies of North and South meet for the first battle of the American Civil War.
Will you take the part of General Beauregard of the Confederate States of America defending Virginia or the part of Union General Irvin McDowell seeking to stop the rebellion of the south and re-unite the nation?
Simple game mechanics center on a system where command opportunities are determined by dice, action cards and the frustrations of command are eloquently portrayed.

Simply put, the Union Army of Northeastern Virginia must seize Manassas Junction or rout the Southern Army to achieve victory.
The Confederate Army of the Potomac & Confederate Army of the Shenandoah win by routing the Union army, avoiding rout, by seizing the Northern town of Centreville, or simply denying the Union victory.

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Maximum Players: 
Minimum Time: 
Maximum Time: 
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Game Components: 

• 234 die cut markers representing armies, leaders and specials
o 48 miscellaneous 5/8” counters
o 45 Veteran Infantry ¾” counters
o 18 Veteran Cavalry ¾” counters
o 21 Crack Infantry ¾” counters
o 15 Crack Cavalry ¾” counters
o 42 Militia Infantry ¾” counters
o 6 Militia Cavalry ¾” counters
o 21 Utility ¾” counters
o 4 General counters
• 2 Order of Battle forms
• 1 game board 21” x 20.50” (6 panel)
• 6 dice (3 blue, 3 gray)
• 1 tray
• 1 box
• 1 rule book – containing basic, standard and advanced rules.

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