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Which artist will draw the most beautiful print?
With Kanagawa, become Japanese artists from the golden age of watercolor painting at the end of the 18th century. Expand your studio by obtaining the necessary colors and brushes to craft the work of your lifetime!
In front of you are placed as many Lesson cards as there are players, face-down or face-up. Taking turns, you can decide to take one column or to pass, hoping to get better cards afterwards.
When taking one or more cards, you can choose how to place them: added to the Print to assign them to your painting if you have the right Landscape, or added to the Studio to upgrade your abilities and gain new proficiencies with Landscapes.
Collect cards of the right seasons and subjects (from Landscapes, Portraits, Flora or even Fauna), but be careful of other artists stealing your ideas!

• 1 School board
• 4 Starting tiles
• 72 Lesson cards
• 1 Grand Master pawn
• 1 Assistant pawn
• 19 Diploma tiles
• 15 Brush pawns
• 3 Storm tokens

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