Catan: Explorers & Pirates™ 5-6 Player Extension

Model/varenr.: MFG3076

NOT a complete game! You need a Catan® game (aka The Settlers of Catan®), a Catan: 5-6 Player® extension, and a Catan: Explorers & Pirates® expansion in order to play with this game extension!

Now 5 to 6 players can explore Catan’s wild unknown seas in search of fish, spices, or rich new lands for settlement!

Catan: Explorers & Pirates 5-6 Player Extension™ allows you to add 1 or 2 new opponents without sacrificing ease of play. As in the Catan: Explorers & Pirates expansion, you’ll build harbor settlements, ships, settlers, and crews and set out across mysterious seas in search of new lands, spices, fish, and gold fields.

So, get a team of 5 or 6 together for an adventure in Catan. Challenge pirates on land and sea as you seek to win renown. Use your ships to carry loyal settlers and claim faraway territory.

Complete your mission and you’ll be master of Catan!


• 1 rulebook
• 8 harbor settlements (wood)
• 18 Crews (wood)
• 6 ships (wood)
• 4 settlers (wood)
• 6 markers (wood double cubes)
• 2 pirate ships (wood)
• 2 fish(wood)
• 12 spice sacks (wood cubes)
• 2 pirate lair hexes
• 2 pirate lair tokens
• 3 terrain hexes and 6 number tokens (green backs)
• 3 terrain hexes and 6 number tokens (orange backs)
• 4 sea hexes
• 1 Large Council of Catan tri-hex piece
• 1 Large Sea tri-hex
• 3 Number tokens (orange backs)
• 3 Number tokens (green backs)
• 2 building cost cards
• 2 player piece manifest cards
• 1 new piece manifest card

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