Books of Sorcery Vol.4: The Roll of Glorious Divinity 1:Gods & E

Model/varenr.: EGWW80303
In this fourth of Exalted's five Books of Sorcery, elementals and spirits finally get their due. This supplement outlines both the little gods of Creation and the Terrestrial Bureaucracy, as well as the elementals and their many courts. In addition, it also reveals the many spirit Charms available to these divine beings (as well as to enterprising Eclipse and Moonshadow Caste Exalted).

This book includes:

• Complete stats for many of Exalted's elementals and Terrestrial gods

• Rules for summoning elementals to do one's bidding

• Complete Second Edition spirit Charms

The Books of Sorcery vol. IV—The Roll of Glorious Divinity: Gods & Elementals is a 176 page softcover supplement for Exalted Second Edition.
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