Endure the Stars

Model/varenr.: ETS-CORE

The human race has begun to explore the stars, and the frontier is everywhere.

We thought ourselves Gods….that life was ours to manufacture….but all we did is bring ruin upon ourselves…now we’re hunted by the very things we gave life to, prisoners on our own ship. We must survive….we must endure the stars…

Endure the Stars is an epic Sci Fi adventure board game for 1-6 players set on the exploratory spaceship the N.W.E Hikari. Take on the role of one of the surviving crew, battling to stay alive on a once thriving ship now in ruin. The GEPS, genetic experiments that were being developed to explore the Hikari’s destination planet, have escaped and now run rampant.

Play from a selection of 12 exciting missions, either as standalone experiences or campaigns with multiple paths, in a struggle to keep the last surviving humans aboard alive. The enemy GEPs are controlled by the game itself using simple, easy to understand dice mechanics and are represented as radar tokens until you finally lay eyes on them, so you’re never truly sure what lurks around the corner.

Find weapons, armour and useful items as you explore the derelict halls. But always be aware that the ship is in a constant state of decay and is prone to malfunction. Lockdowns, blackouts and gravity failures are but a few of the potential disasters ahead.

Game contents:

88 miniatures

6 survivors
30 Swarmer GEPs
20 Jaeger GEPs
20 Icarus GEPs
10 Solomon GEPs
1 Titan GEP
1 C.H.O. Exo Loader

12 doubled sided game tiles

155 cards

75 Item cards
20 Event cards
20 Titan deck cards
20 Resolve cards
20 Accomplishment cards

90 tokens

17 radar tokens
19 door tokens
8 objective tokens
10 noise tokens
6 Resolve tokens
7 health tokens
21 injury tokens
1 exit token
1 first player token

8 dice
7 character dashboards

619,00 DKK
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Vægt: 3,48 kg
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