Shield of Humanity

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"A man can ask for no greater gift than a glorious death in the service of the Emperor and the protection of Mankind."
–Confessor Shiloh Norvus

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Shield of Humanity, a new supplement for Only War! For new recruits and veteran guardsmen alike, it is time to stand in service to the Emperor in the Spinward Front. The Imperial Guard stands as humanity’s shield from the myriad threats to the Imperium. With new rules for auxiliary regiments, advanced specialities, and rules for characters with religious backgrounds, Shield of Humanity is a must for any Only War player.

For more on what’s inside
Shield of Humanity, here’s developer Tim Flanders:

A Word from the Developer

Shield of Humanity gave me a great chance to dig even deeper into the forces of the Imperial Guard. The spiritual successor of Hammer of the Emperor, Shield of Humanity focuses on those men, women, and abhumans that take up arms, prayer-books, and plasma-cutters in defense of Mankind. Specifically, this books includes information and for playing characters attached to the Imperial Guard who hail from the two most important religious institutions in the Imperium: the Adeptus Mechanicus, and the Adeptus Ministorum, as well as characters belonging to either of the Abhuman sub-species that fight with the front ranks of the Imperial Guard.

Shield of Humanity offers options for players covering a number of auxiliary regiments, including Ratlings of the Cyprian Huntsmen, and the tech-soldiers of the Crimson Guard, joining the fight in the Spinward Front from the distant Lathe Worlds. In addition to these new regiment rules, Shield of Humanity also includes a host of new rules for creating new regiments. New Home Worlds, new Doctrines, and many others give Players and Game Masters all the options theyneed to create their own unique regiments.

Of course, what Only War supplement would be complete without new Advanced Specialities? From the Architectus Magna, to the Praecentor of Penance, to the Ogryn Bone ‘ead, this book offers Players thirteen new directions to take their Enginseer, Ogryn, Ratling, and Priest characters. Of course, these Advanced Specialities are accompanied by an enormous spread of new Talents, Comrades, Orders, and wargear including advanced Servitor Directives, Ogryn and Ratling Comrades, and a fleet of new tanks and vehicles.

I am excited to have worked on Shield of Humanity and I’m looking forward to Players and Game Masters getting their hands on the new options inside!

Thanks Tim! Look for
Shield of Humanity on retail shelves in Q1 of 2014, and in the meantime, keep checking here for more news and previews. Be a Shield of Humanity, in His name!

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