Zombies!!! (2nd ed. base set)

Model/varenr.: TWC4110

Zombies!!! (2nd ed. base set)   


Players take on the role of a survivor amid city streets sprawling with Zombies.

Movement is determined by dice roll as is combat when the player's piece is in the same square as a Zombie. Players must conserve bullets and protect their life counters. At the end of the turn a dice roll directs the player to move a number of Zombies one square (because they are the slow George Romero type).

First player to reach the center of the Helipad tile and kill the Zombie there, or kill a total of 25 Zombies wins. When a player is killed they move back to the starting tile and lose half their Zombie kills.

Improvements and additions to the First Edition include:

  • Revised and updated rules.
  • Updated art for greater visual impact.
  • Deeper box designed to hold all the Zombies!!! expansions.
  • Brand new art on all Map tiles.
  • Revised or new art on all Event cards.
  • Red Heart tokens.
  • New "female" zombie figure.

Game is compatible with previous sets and expansions.

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