Prophecy: Dragon Realm Udvidelse

Model/varenr.: ZMG7018E

"So the Youngest mourned his brothers, and with sorrowful heart he abandoned his kingdom, aye even the world of men."
And so the Dragon Realm was born. This is the first expansion to the adventure board game, Prophecy. Using the original game, Dragon Realm takes form as part of one of the Astral Planes. It has its own laws of movement and adventure. Once you enter the realm you are trying to reach the Dragon Heart to prove you have been through the flaming landscape that is the Dragon Realm.
Dragon Realm adds Races to the mix so that your characters are more defined. Stand ups are included to not only reflect class but gender as well.
Dragon Realm also offers rules for co-op and solo play.
1 board
6 Race cards
20 character stand ups
84 cards
25 tokens

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