Lobotomy: From The Deep

Model/varenr.: TITLOB02

From the Deep is a Lobotomy Board Game Expansion set inspired by the dark and twisted novels of H.P. Lovecraft.
There is an ancient evil lurking in the basement of the mental hospital. The Deep Ones, an amphibious humanoid race, are preparing a ritual to call upon their deity. The only people aware of the danger are the patients of the asylum. Are they crazy or is Dagon the Great One really coming to destroy reality?
Find out with 5 game changing modules featured in the expansion. Go deep with new miniatures: a new character Philip Howard, a horde of Deep Ones and the terrifying Father Dagon. Alter the gameplay with a set of small boards - the exterritorial locations of challenging rituals. And finally, get rewarded by a deck of mysterious, powerful and beautifully drawn artifacts.

Deep One monster card
15 inventory cards
30 Deep One miniatures
40 expansion cards

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