Escape from 100 Million BC

Model/varenr.: IDW01161

Your team of intrepid adventurers has embarked on
history’s first time-travelling expedition; only for the
Professor’s Time Machine to malfunction, crashing
into the lip of an active volcano and stranding you 100
million years in the past! This co-operative big box
adventure game is designed by Kevin Wilson
(Descent, Arkham Horror and TMNT: Shadows of the
Past) for 1-6 adventurous gamers.
Explore volcanoes, jungles, and pre-historic swamps
while searching for valuable technology and avoiding
rampaging T-Rexs and Velociraptors. Return
wayward historical figures like Abraham Lincoln and
Teddy Roosevelt, who’ve been pulled into the past by
rippling time paradoxes, all while racing against a
volcano that’s about to explode and obliterate your
entire team!


20 Paradox Cards
25 Adventure Cards
40 Equipment Cards
95 Creature Cards
9 Time Machine parts
1 Paradox marker
1 Difficulty marker
1 Emergency Recall tracker
1 First Player marker
6 Time Rift markers
6 Hero Sheets
1 Time Machine Sheet
12 6-Sided Dice
6 Time Castaway markers
5 Carnivorous Creature markers
5 Herbivorous Creature markers
4 Aquatic Creature markers
20 Wound tokens
29 Plastic Standee stands
30 Ammo tokens
88 Map tiles
15 Wooden Equipment Crate Cubes
29 Standees
1 Game Board
1 Rulebook

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