Enclave: Zakon Krańca Świata

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Twelve spiritual leaders, known as the Masters of Brilliance, have gained a great influence and many followers. At the night of solstice, they brought an unexpected end upon the world, precisely by the rules they had foretold. Anything that people could imagine happened on that night. During that tragic spectacle, the Masters of Brilliance separated wheat from chaff, taking the chosen ones to a new nice little hell they had built in a higher dimension somewhere at the doorstep of afterlife. No one knows how they got there or how they managed to affect reality. Anyway, only rigorous cooperation could grant them enough power.
The end of the world brought about by these wise guys was not as perfect as they had planned. Soon it turned out that some men left in the ashes of the past world could enter the realm of the Masters of Brilliance. Perhaps the power they cast upon the world to destroy it left a solid print? Or perhaps the transition was not that difficult?
The first man to discover he possessed this ability was Jonas Arvani. When he found out he was not the only one, he founded a guild. The boarding ability – that is, the ability to jump into a much higher plane, where the Masters of Brilliance have their twisted utopia – soon turned into an enormous business. Not everyone managed to follow the guild's strict rules. Therefore competitive undertakings began to appear that were less able and less honest. Now retrievers have been trained by guilds to steal inventions and devices from the enclave of the Masters of Brilliance. Those items become artifacts in the ruined world. The most valuable prizes are schematics that allow mankind to recreate lost devices, so that they can serve people again.
In the board game Enclave: Zakon Krańca Świata, each player starts with a retriever card along with the machine that boosts their boarding ability. During the game, which lasts six turns, players are allowed to:
-Upgrade their retriever (mental and physical condition)
-Upgrade their jump machine (sarcophagus and sesame)
-Buy items to protect themselves from deadly traps in the enclave of the Masters of Brilliance
-Buy medication needed to heal their mental damage and physical wounds
-Boarding the enclave of the Masters of Brilliance to find valuable prizes and knowledge
-Do the job for the "Shepherd" without any risk, but with fewer profits
-Visit the oracle to peek at the future and gain initiative in the next turn
-Use the character or location card on the path "to the tree"
This path is the main way to victory, known as becoming "the chosen of the Tree".

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