Conan: Nordheim Expansion

Model/varenr.: MONCON24ML

The north wind blows in from the rugged domains north of Conan's homeland. With Asgard to the east and Vanaheim to the west, these two territories compose the frozen tundra that is Nordheim. The men of these lands are toughest of the tough, hardened by cold and battle. Blood spilling across the pristine snow as different tribes fight for supremacy.


Niord, Aesir Hero
5x Aesir Warrior Allies
10x Vanir Warrior Minions
Atali, the Daughter of Ymir, the Frost-giant, Leader
Atali's Brother, 2 Frost Giant Miniatures
5x Monstrous Crow Minions
1x Double Sided Game Board
4x Scenarios Written by Croc and Sippik
Character Sheets

This box set allows you to use the Yogah of Yag in your games of Conan, adding new possibilities and outcomes to your games.

This set requires the Conan Core Set to be used.

399,00 DKK
Lager: Ikke på lager
Vægt: 2,8
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