Conan: Khitai Expansion

Model/varenr.: MONCON22ML

This place is a mystery in Howard's works. It is known however that it?s home to great sorcerers whose spells are feared by those from the West. Take Conan and his companions East to this mysterious land as they are swept up in a sinister assassination plot!


5x Tower guard Minions
5x Javelin Throwers Minions
5x Honor Guards Minions
5x Foo Dogs Minions
1x Sorcerer Leader
1x Double-sided Game Board
1x Half Sized Game Board
4x Scenarios by Antoine Bauza and Ludovic Maublanc
Character Sheets

This box set allows you to use the Yogah of Yag in your games of Conan, adding new possibilities and outcomes to your games.
This set requires the Conan Core Set to be used.

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