XenoShyft: Dreadmire

Model/varenr.: CMNXS00007

Can you weather the storm?

The attacks on the NorTec military outpost have gotten more intenxe and
holding them off is becoming nerarly impossible. In XenoShyft: Dreadmire
players will work cooperatively to fend off The Brood, a new alien threat. If they can survive three waves of attacks, NorTec will have the time necessary to complete their mining operations and the team can leave the planet victoriously. Each player controls a Division with special abilities and a deck of cards that represents soldiers ready to fight and die for the cause. Dreadmire builds on the successful XenoShyft: Onslaught, introducing new mechanics, enemies, soliders, tech and weather system!

419,00 DKK
Lager: Kun 1 stk. tilbage
Vægt: 1,708
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