Village: Inn

Model/varenr.: SG7100

Village Inn, the first expansion for the award-winning game Village, adds two new buildings to the village: the brewery and the inn.

The brewery is a new craft building where you can acquire a new good: beer. In the inn you can meet a lot of influential people (in the form of cards), and you can acquire these villager cards by spending beer/coins and time. Each villager card has a unique ability that can be used once per game, giving either points and advantages during the game or additional points at the end of the game for certain achievements.

In addition, Village Inn includes all necessary components for a fifth player.


1 inn game board overlay
1 brewery game board overlay
1 chronicles game board
1 cemetery game board
1 farmyard (for the fifth player)
11 wooden figures (ditto)
1 sticker sheet
30 cards (Size: 56x87mm)
20 wooden cubes
8 round wooden markers
12 goods tiles
4 customer tiles
5 grain tiles
6 coins
3 set-up cards

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