Twin Tin Bots

Model/varenr.: FLG-005



That’s what the recruiting office told you and now your stuck with a couple of colleagues and all these robots in the middle of nowhere. But at least there is fun to be had with the Bots!

In Twin Tin Bots, each players controls two harvester Bots trying to harvest the most crystals and bring them back to base. The Bots are programmed using simple orders but communications are limited: you need to plan ahead as only one order can be changed each turn. Can you outwit, out-race and out-harvest your colleagues?

• Teaches simple programming and planning for robot-racing victory!
• Double-sided board adapted to handle 2-4 players or 5-6 players.
• Basic rule set plus simplified rules for playing with younger children as well as variant and optional rules to spice up the basic game.

• Rules Book
• Dual-sided game board
• Dual-sided crystal track
• 18 transparent plastic crystals
• 6 plastic bases and 12 plastic robots
• 6 programming boards
• 6 x 6 order tiles for each player
• 3 numbered countdown counters
• 1 ‘active base’ token (for advance variant) • 3 rock tokens
• 3 blob tokens
• 6 teleport tokens
• 3 mud tokens

379,00 DKK
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Vægt: 1,828 kg
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