Tigris & Euphrates

Model/varenr.: FFG-KN25

The king surveyed his territory, wondering where to build a temple to the goddess Inanna, a promised reward for her help in ending a rebellion. The city was crowded thick with houses and markets, bounded by the Tigris River and ringed by the bright colors of cultivated land. His eyes finally came to rest on a flat-topped hill looming over the city’s northern edge, long held by another king. There had been decades of peace between the two kings, but the temple must be built or else the goddess would exact terrible vengeance for the broken promise. The king had no choice. It was time for that peace to end.
Fantasy Flight Games is proud to be publishing Tigris & Euphrates, Reiner Knizia’s award-winning tile placement game, in which two to four players take on the roles of rulers building civilizations in ancient Mesopotamia.
This edition of Tigris & Euphrates maintains the game’s original mechanics while giving it an updated look based on the art of ancient Sumer and Babylon. It also features all the components necessary to play advanced variations, from a double-sided game board and civilization buildings to a wonder tile and accompanying idol

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