The Magnates: A Game of Power

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The MAGNATES: A Game of Power, a.k.a. Boże Igrzysko: MAGNACI, presents the history of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, from its heyday during the Union of Lublin (XVI century) until the collapse of the state (XVIII century). Players take on the roles of the magnates, who seek to develop the power of their families in the favorable time: the peak of the Polish and Lithuanian Union.

Each player has a deck of cards that depicts celebrities of his family. Some of them are capable of great deeds and some will spoil any project with which they are entrusted — but with a good player's decisions, even those small souls could do a lot for his family.

During the game, players manage the deck of their characters to achieve, in competition with others, as much as possible on each of the planes of life of the Republic. The fate of the country results from the sum of the activities of the most powerful aristocratic families. If the players fall into a mutual fight for titles and advantages, the Republic will fall under the pressure of neighboring powers.

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