The Bloody Inn: The Carnies

Model/varenr.: PGAS02EN

Bloodier than ever! With this expansion for The Bloody Inn,
the inn now welcomes all sorts of strange and intriguing guests
from a traveling carnival: a bear tamer, a bearded lady, a knife
thrower, a fortune teller, etc. You also have new tricks up your
sleeves—like the wolf trap, the well, or the snow pile—use them
to your advantage to dispose of the guests. No one leaves the inn
unscathed… In fact, most never leave the inn!
This expansion contains 52 new cards, spread across 3 separate
modules that can be used in any combination. Each expansion
module has new rules that are detailed here and help renew the
base game. Except for the following modifications, the base game
rules remain unchanged.
Two of the modules are new families of travelers (The Carnies and
The Notables), one of the modules bring objects (Aunt Ginette’s Tips
& Tricks) that you can used to be more effective in your morbid
business. With the first module (The Carnies), you can also added
events that will disturb life at the inn.

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