Star Wars LCG: Press the Attack Force Pack - EN

Model/varenr.: FSWC28

Forge an alliance with the Ewok tribes, lead your elite strike team to assault the shield generator, or use the Death Star’s superlaser to destroy the Rebel fleet. As part of the Endor cycle for Star Wars: The Card Game, Press the Attack invites you to experience the climactic events of Return of the Jedi as you reenact the movie or create your own stories. Within this Force Pack, you’ll find a renewed focus on Endor objectives, gain the support of the Ewoks
with C-3PO, and battle your foes as the dark side Force user, Maw. As the Battle of Endor intensifies, command your forces with Press the Attack.

• The fifth Force Pack in the Endor cycle for Star Wars: The Card Game
• Continue through the events of Return of the Jedi or weave your own tales
• Play as iconic characters like C-3PO or the dark side Force user, Maw
• New fate cards add tension to every edge battle
• Includes ten new objective sets (two copies each of five distinct sets)

139,00 DKK
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