Star Wars LCG: A Wretched Hive Force Pack

Model/varenr.: FSWC32

There is opposition between order and chaos, between the physical and
the intellectual, between those who stand alone and those who work
with their friends. Take these oppositions into the Star Wars galaxy with
A Wretched Hive, the second Force Pack of the Opposition cycle for
Star Wars™: The Card Game. A Wretched Hive continues to highlight
the differences between opposing factions while bringing new ways to
fight your battles. You’ll also see more characters from Star Wars: Rebels
entering the game, including Agent Kallus and Zeb Orrelios, alongside
recognizable scum like Dr. Evazan and Ponda Baba.

• The second Force Pack of the Opposition cycle for Star Wars: The Card Game
• Continue to play out the ancient rivalries between pairs of affiliations
• New affiliated fate cards bring additional tension to your edge battles
• Join iconic characters from Star Wars: Rebels as they enter the game
for the first time
• Contains ten new objective sets (two copies each of five distinct sets)

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