Star Wars: Armada - Phoenix Home Expansion Pack

Model/varenr.: FSWM21

Under the command of Jun Sato, the Phoenix Home was the nerve
center of the fledgling Rebel fleet, and it makes its way to Star Wars™:
Armada in the Phoenix Home Expansion Pack. What this small-base ship
lacks in size and firepower, it makes up with its ability to command your
fleet. Along with one pre-painted miniature starship, you will find two
ship cards, ten upgrade cards, and all the dials, bases, pegs, and tokens
you need to control the battle, more effectively coordinating your capital
ships and fighter squadrons alike.
Key Selling Points
• A Rebel Alliance starship expansion for the popular Star Wars:
Armada miniatures game
• Features one small-base, pre-painted Phoenix Home miniature
• Introduces the Fleet Command upgrade type to the Rebel Alliance
• Forward battery armament of four dice lends new support to direct
Rebel strategies

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