[redacted]: Mercenaries

Model/varenr.: LDR145010

An expansion for [redacted].

In [redacted]: Mercenaries, a whole new level of spycraft is necessary, not for the glory of the revolution or to defend fast food and reality TV, but to end your career with a nice chunk of change. With a variety of conflicting missions, players must use the skills they picked up during the base game of [redacted] to work together (or not) and complete assignments for their shadowy employers.

Changing loyalties, shifting objectives, conflicting assignments. Nothing ever stays the same, and players must balance short-term gain and long-term strategy to win, in this advanced expansion to [redacted].

Contents: 40 cards

6 Cover / rules cards
4 item cards (red back)
30 mission cards (black back)
6 VIP cards
6 Whispers in the Ambassador’s Office cards
6 Nuclear football cards
6 The Kansas City shuffle cards
6 Secrets revealed cards

99,00 DKK
Lager: 1 stk tilbage på lager
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