Mystery! Motive for Murder

Model/varenr.: MFG4130

When a body is discovered in the courtyard of a stately English mansion, the weapon and location are obvious: the only questions the investigators need to answer are who and why. Every guest may have a motive, and every one of them has secrets they’re trying to hide! Your reputation as a detective will be assured if you’re the one who makes the final arrest. One by one, you interview and re-interview suspects to establish the strengths of their relationships with the victim. Which of the guests had the greatest motive to commit murder? Contains: 1 Start Player marker 22 Suspect tiles 30 Motive cards 10 Detective cards 2 Body tokens 11 Motive markers 98 Relationship tokens 3 Secret Relationship tokens 15 2nd Interview tokens 30 Interview cubes 15 Status discs 5 High Status markers 6 Special tokens 1 Starter Rules sheet 1 Rule Book-includes solitaire rules

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