Gladiatori Deluxe

Model/varenr.: GX014

During the Roman Empire, gladiator combat was the most popular form of entertainment. Fighters from all parts of the Empire were included in the shows, including female gladiators, wealthy Roman citizens and in some cases, even aristocrats. Now the time has come for you to gain the immortal glory of the Arena. Fight for your honor, for fame, and for your life!

Gladiatori is a card-driven game in which each player assumes the role of a gladiator in the Ancient Roman Empire. Action selection drives figure movement on the board. Combat cards give energy to the character actions and are used as hit points. Characters are customizable, and each player has to choose his deck composition, character skills, and Arena items. At the end, the winner will be determined by victory points - or simply by being the only one left alive!

It's available in the new Deluxe version which includes 8 metal miniatures: 4 gladiators and 4 animals.

Box Contents: 16 action cards, 8 cover cards, 4 feint cards, 64 energy cards, 32 special move cards, 18 item cards, 4 player aid cards, 4 wooden point markers, 18 status markers, 3 dice, 4 player block notes, 4 player screens, 4 character miniatures, 4 animal miniatures, game board, rulebook.

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