Centauri Saga

Model/varenr.: Ves-11760

Centauri Saga is a Sci-fi/4X board game for 1 to 4 players, supporting both Co-Operational and PvP mode. Players begin with a mission that defines the setting and their goals and then guide their Armada through unexplored sectors (hexagons) of Alpha Centauri. However, players are not alone. They will encounter various Raiders and Bosses representing a hidden alien menace in the Centauri system. Your Saga begins now!

5 Games in 1

Centauri Saga is a modular game that provides a solid foundation to create multiple scenarios each one with unique gameplay features! With the core game you get 6 scenarios:

Fixing the Jumpgate: Pick up & delivery
Safe Passage: Survival & Escort
Lost Starbases: Search & Rescue
Open Confrontation: Survival (Tower-Defense-like)
Distress Call: Search & Escort

Core Game Components:
47 Plastic Miniatures (9 unique designs)
31 Hexagon Tiles
92 Mini Cards (Standard Euro Mini)
111 Cards (Standard Euro)
49 Punch Board Tokens
20 Acrylic Gems
30 Black Wooden Cube Tokens
5 XPM Tokens (Custom Plastic Miniature/Component)
28 pages Rulebook
4 Player Mats
10 Dice

379,00 DKK
Lager: Ikke på lager
Vægt: 1,374
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