Model/varenr.: FLG-013

Will you escape alive from Station Argo?
In Argo, you and your team are Waking up from hibernation in
an Alien-infested unknown mining station. Your goal is to lead
a maximum of your men to the safety of the Escape Pods
before the Aliens kill everyone.
Argo is a team effort by acclaimed authors Serge Laget (Mare
Nostrum, Ad Astra) and Bruno Faidutti (Mascarade, Citadels).
With one author keen about complex and strategic
mechanisms and the other keen about chaos and bluffing,
Argo offers a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.
Kill the other humans using the Aliens as your race to the
Escape Pods but be careful, as if too many are lost the Aliens
prevail and no-one wins! You must strike a careful balance
between competition and cooperation to win this game, as the
seats in the Escape Pods are limited. Your team special abilities
and the Room effects in the mining station Argo will provide a
decisive advantage if you can use them efficiently.
Argo is a competitive game where all players can
lose against the game if they do not cooperate to a
certain extent.

Contents :
- Detailed rulesbook (En/Fr/Nl)
- 28+3 Module tiles (including a large Waking Room tile)
- 6 Escape Pod tiles
- 3 difficulty level tokens
- 20 Astronaut plastic miniatures: 4 Grunt, 4 Robot, 4
Explorer, 4 Pilot, 4 Chief
- 5 Alien plastic miniatures
- 2 player aids
- 1 Player score Track
- 3 Alien Score Tracks for 2, 3 and 4 players
- 8 player score markers
- 60 Activation Tokens

Argo includes 25 higly detailed 25mm plastic miniatures.
Languages : En Fr Nl. Language independent components.

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