4 Gods

Model/varenr.: LUDFOU01ML

Each player takes the role of a god and all together they will simultaneously create a world, using landscape puzzle pieces to complete the planet inside a frame. Whenever they want during the game, each playe rwill at some point choose to become the god of elves, the dwarf, the merfolk or the humans... Basing their decision on which landscape is more present between the woods, mountains, sea or plains on this world they all build together. This important choice will therefore influence the way they will construct the rest of the world map.

Players will also place prophets to spread the snfluence of their god in the various kingdoms of this world. The game is a simultaneous multi player puzzle construction, with an objective triggering anytime in the game, a prophet placement with majority objectives over the biggest kingdoms, and a Victory Point scoring at the end of the game.

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