The 13th Hour

Model/varenr.: MS1007-CD

Perfekt til CALL OF CTHULHU (Horror Roleplaying)

The past does not rest easily... The 13th Hour draws listeners into the halls of a haunted Victorian mansion, through the sinister history of the Haverghast family (Gates of Delirium). A truly interactive listening experience for those ready to take a journey into the dark side of the supernatural.

Track Listing

1. Mansion in the Mist

2. Forgotten Path

3. Time Outside of Time

4. Fallen Grandeur

5. Hands of Fate

6. The Drawing Room

7. Mausoleum d' Haverghast

8. Family Secrets

9. Last Breaths

10. Vertigo

11. The Watcher

12. Cellar

13. Cold Embrace

14. Hand in Hand Again*

15. Harvest of Deceit

16. Footsteps in the Dust

17. Veiled Hunter

18. Sinister Pact

19. Grisly Reminder

20. Deadly Intentions

21. The Lost Room

22. Living Walls

23. Gruesome Discovery

24. Return of the Ancient Ones

25. The 13th Hour

Lidt reviews:

Horror Channel -"With The 13th Hour, Midnight Syndicate has raised the bar as high as one can imagine when it comes to a Halloween-worthy soundtrack."

Nightmare City Halloween - "Midnight Syndicate's finest recording to date. . . an instant Halloween classic."

Mourning The Ancient - "I've waited quite a while for this new effort by one of the greatest ambient bands of all time. . .and was it ever worth it. Instantly a classic, The 13th Hour puts Midnight Syndicate in a class all their own."

Movement Magazine - "To say Midnight Syndicate is the beest gothic/horror soundtrack group around might sound a little bold. Maybe so, but it's true. . . With The 13th Hour, Midnight Syndicate has truly created a horrifying masterpiece. . . their finest work to date."

Legends Magazine - ". . . the original creators of thiss style, Midnight Syndicate's continued definining and upping the bar of the Halloween soundtrack format." '

Flames Rising - "A masterful blend of seamless orchestration . . . The 13th Hour is truly the best instrumental of its kind. "

Chiller Cinema - "Chilling and beautiful, gothic and haunting. . .their goal was to create the ultimate haunted house album and they may just have succeeded."

Side-Line Magazine (Belgium) - "Listen and you will quickly realize that Midnight Syndicate goes further than most soundtrack composers. The material is extremely developed with a richness of sounds that most soundtracks don't even have. . . Midnight Syndicate remains a unique experience."

Creature Feature - "Midnight Syndicate single-handedly created a whole new genre of music. With The 13th Hour, Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka have created another horror music masterpiece! . . . taking their musical richness and complexity to new heights!"

Starvox Magazine - "Simply put, they are the best at whhat they do. Midnight Syndicate pushes 24 tracks to a new level of horror. . . you don't just get orchestration and sound effects, you get to be a PART of the haunted mansion itself."

DnD Gate (Germany) - "hits the bulls-eye. . . in every caase the CD is more than excellent!"

Games Gazette (UK) - "Already known for their brilliant suspense-filled background music that has taken role-playing to new heights, The 13th Hour will chill your blood and tingle your spine. This is what the Old and Deep Onces hum to when they drink in the Arkham Arms on a Saturday night." - Chris, Games Gazette (UK)

The Gaming Report - "I honestly believe this to be their best work yet (even better than Gates of Delirium). These guys have got it pegged! I am happy to give The 13th Hour my highest recommendation."

d20 Magazine Rack - "Midnight Syndicate has done a fantastic job at maintaining a high level of class, performance, and expectations with every release. . . (The 13th Hour) is their strongest release yet. . ."

Hauntworld - "I know I don't have to sell anyone on the music of Midnight Syndicate and using it in their haunted attraction, but I can't recommend this newest effort highly enough. . . may already be my favorite from The Syndicate."

Paragon Magazine - "It could be broad daylight and this album will still give you the heebie-jeebies. 5 out of 5 !"

Amazing Sounds (Spain) - "This CD has an important effect of sonic shock in the listener."

Bedlam Society - "It's a surreal score...Think a pure gothic horror motif."

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