Dungeons & Dragons

Model/varenr.: MS1006-CD

Ancient underground temples, dark knights, mysterious labyrinths, sorcerors, forgotten tombs, enchanted forests, and creatures from the deepest depths all await you on this musical adventure into the world of Dungeons & Dragons. A simple yet dynamic way to enhance any gaming experience.

Track Listing

1. Prelude

2. Troubled Times

3. Ride to Destiny

4. The Fens of Sargath

5. Descent into the Depths

6. Stealth and Cunning

7. Behind Door #1

8. Skirmish

9. Eternal Mystery

10. Heroes' Valor

11. Relic Uncovered

12. Deep Trouble

13. Chant

14. Craft of the Wizard

15. Beasts of the Borderlands

16. Secret Chamber

17. Lair of the Great Wyrm

18. Ancient Temple

19. How Strange

20. Army of the Dead

21. Final Confrontation


22. Ruins of Bone Hill

23. City of Sails

Et par reveiws:

Gaming Report - "The CD meets and exceeds the composer's goals of being "The ultimate musical accompaniment to Dungeons & Dragons gaming." I am happy to give this CD my highest recommendation."

Movement Magazine - "If you have been listening to their previous works then you won't be disappointed this time around. And, if you thought they created nightmarish horror music soundscapes, then just wait till you hear what they can do with a fantasy background as their inspiration!"

Living Dead Girls - "Goszka and Douglas have proven their sense of musical appropriateness and for me proven themselves as talented composers beyond the field of Horror."

Darker Than The Bat (Belgium) - "More than an hour of great dark, atmospheric soundscapes and orchestral music that could accompany any dark scene you have in mind. Excellent!"

Bedlam Society - "This is probably their best work to date."

DnD Gate (Germany) - "outstandingly well suited for use at roleplaying sessions - either as mood-based songs for single scenes or as background music for the complete session."

The Crimson - "Whether it's on paper, on a computer, on cards, or just played with your imagination and verbal storytelling, this soundtrack not only fits, it BELONGS."


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