Marauder Chickenhawk box set

Model/varenr.: MGP_910008
A more specialised Marauder variant than the Ape, the M9 'Chickenhawk' is designed as a mobile gun platform, capable of bringing huge amounts of firepower to any portion of the battlefield.

Though not as well armoured as the Ape, the Chickenhawk carries much heavier weaponry. The standard fit comprises a quick-firing Javelin missile launcher (capable of carrying Pee-Wee atomic warheads!) and a Sixgun rotary cannon. Optional weapon fits include the back-mounted Blizzard missile pack, a one-shot device that can tear huge holes in Arachnid swarms.

The chin mount can accept several weapon combinations, usually Utility Claws that provide some measure of defence in close combat and Twin Fifty autocannon. However, it can also take the Inferno support flamer, a short-ranged weapon capable of sweeping bugs away from any defensive position.

The autoloaders of the Chickenhawk allow it to use all of its weapons without fear of running out of ammunition in a standard battle and advanced targeting systems permit the pilot to use even heavy weapons such as the Javelin for reaction fire.

Available as an upgrade to any trooper mounted in an M8 Ape Marauder, the Chickenhawk is one of the finest gun platforms the Mobile Infantry can field.
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