Marauder Ape box set

Model/varenr.: MGP_910007
More famous than even the power suits worn by most Mobile Infantry, the M8 'Ape' Marauder suit enables a single trooper to take on whole bug swarms by himself - though it is usually best not to!

Available as either an upgrade to individual troopers in a squad or NCOs and officers, Marauder suits can also be deployed in complete squads within Marauder platoons. The M8 Ape is heavily armoured and bedecked with weaponry. Its fists carry the Morita Ape Special, a specially adapted design of the rifle carried by all troopers but with a much higher rate of fire. The shoulder-mounted Derringer light rotary cannon can mince through Warrior Bugs, while the back-mounted Trip Hammer mortar provides indirect artillery fire than can give even a Tanker Bug pause for thought. As if this were not enough, the Hellseed Y-Rack grenade launchers provide a measure of self-protection when the bugs begin getting too close.

Though heavy, jump jets provide the Ape Marauder with a good degree of agility, enabling them to always stay one step ahead of the Arachnid attack.

If you are looking to provide your troopers with some heavy support on the battlefield, look no further. . .
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