Hopper Bugs box set

Model/varenr.: MGP_910009
Slightly lighter in build than the Warrior Bugs, Hoppers more than make up for this in sheer speed and power. Supremely fast and agile, Hopper Bugs gather in swarms to sweep across the battlefield. Moving at full speed, they are capable of decapitating the most heavily armoured trooper before sweeping out of sight. They can dodge the most determined attacks and even rise high into the sky to attack incoming missiles and TAC Fighters.

If you are looking to expand your Arachnid force beyond the Warrior Bugs of the main box set, you cannot do better than a few swarms of Hopper Bugs. They can move twice as fast as Warriors while ignoring terrain and making a powerful close combat attack at any point of their move - this means you can launch from a hiding place, smash into a trooper squad and then retreat behind another piece of terrain without the Mobile Infantry getting any reaction fire on you!

This box set contains three Hopper Bugs.
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