Chas box set

Model/varenr.: MGP_910006
The CHAS is an independant autonomous robot unit designed to face threats too dangerous to allow troopers to combat. Equipped with the firepower of an entire squad and enough armour to shrug off the claws of most bugs, the CHAS is an invaluable addition to the Mobile Infantry though many officers are suspicious of these thinking machines.

Each CHAS is armed with Morita Ape Specials, a Hell Infantry Flamer, Javelin Missile Launcher and Trip Hammer Mortar - and is capable of 'Alpha Striking' all of them in a single action. If all else fails, the selfless CHAS is fitted with Deathwish Circuits that allow it to self destruct if things get desperate.
Modellerne er ikke malet og nogen kræver samling.
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