Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Wookiee Warriors Ally Pack

Model/varenr.: FSWI15

Two Wookiee Warriors join the Rebel Alliance with the Wookiee Warriors Ally Pack for Imperial Assault, and they’re prepared to destroy any who stand in their way. A new campaign side mission lets you demonstrate the foolishness of angering a Wookiee as you raid an Imperial monitoring post. Your skirmish strike teams also reap the benefits of an alliance with the Wookiees. Wookiees are fearsome in any brawl, and the new skirmish map only offers more opportunities to vanquish your foes. With new Command cards to support your strike team, the Wookiee Warriors Ally Pack is a worthy addition to any skirmish list.

• This Ally Pack features two sculpted plastic Wookiee Warrior figures so you can bring a
Wookiee’s fury to any mission
• A new campaign side mission allows you to attack an Imperial monitoring post on Kashyyyk
• Two new skirmish missions invite you to fight for freedom in an Imperial development facility
• Four new Command cards unleash the power of the Wookiees during a skirmish game

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