Star Wars: Imperial Assault: Jabba the Hutt Villain Pack

Model/varenr.: FSWI36

Crime is the closest thing to government that Tatooine has, and all crime
on Tatooine feeds back to Jabba the Hutt. Jabba has spent decades
establishing his criminal empire and crushing all competitors. Now, he
can help to guide your Mercenaries strike team to victory with the Jabba
the Hutt Villain Pack. Three new Agenda cards invite you to spread the
might of Jabba the Hutt across the Star Wars galaxy, even when the Rebel
heroes venture beyond Tatooine itself. When he takes the battlefield
himself, Jabba the Hutt offers a formidable presence in your campaign
or skirmish. Though he prefers to stay out of direct combat and his great
bulk makes it difficult for him to move quickly, Jabba excels at ordering
his minions into battle and subtly undermining your enemy’s plans. With
this Villain Pack, your options for u
sing Jabba the Hutt to control the
crime world are nearly unmatched.
Key Selling Points
• A new Villain Pack for Imperial AssaultI
• introduces Jabba the Hutt to your campaigns and skirmishes
• Undermine the heroes’ plans in the campaign with a new set of
agenda cards
• New skirmish missions offer a variety of new battlefields to base your

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