Star Wars: X-Wing: Death Star II - Playmat - Måtte

Model/varenr.: FSWS31

Immerse yourself more fully in the Star Wars universe even as you battle for the fates of billions over vibrant, full-color images of the galaxy’s most iconic locations. Legal for tournament play of both X-Wing™ and Star Wars™: Armada, our 3' by 3' Star Wars Playmats are easily portable and made from slip-resistant natural rubber, ensuring that even while your games are packed with drama, there's no drama for your valuable miniatures.

Deploy your fleet to the forest moon of Endor, and engage the enemy in an epic collision between capital ships and starfighter squadrons. Evoking the final, climactic chapters of the classic Star Wars trilogy, the Death Star II Playmat makes a perfect backdrop for your biggest and most important battles, reminding you of all that is at stake as the second Death Star looms menacingly in the background!

• Thematic, high quality play surfaces designed for use with X-Wing and Star Wars: Armada
• The vibrant red and orange clouds of the Bespin Playmat recall the drama of The Empire Strikes Back
• Recreate the climactic space battles of Return of the Jedi on the thematic Death Star II Playmat
• Each 3’ by 3’ playmat is made of natural rubber, features a slip-resistant bottom, and is legal for X-Wing and Star Wars:
Armada tournament play
• Use two playmats side-by-side to form the 6' by 3' play surface for X-Wing Epic Play or Star Wars: Armada

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