Blood Angels: The Second Omnibus

Model/varenr.: AT-WH40-BAO-2

The story

The Blood Angels stand apart from the other Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes, descending from the skies on wings of flame. While they are renowned for their ten-thousand-year history of glorious battle and honourable deeds, these secretive Space Marines seek to hide the dark flaws at the core of their being – the Red Thirst and the Black Rage – from the rest of the Imperium. Do they fight any longer for the protection of mankind, or merely for their own salvation?

About the book

This omnibus edition continues the saga of the Blood Angels, featuring the novels Red Fury and Black Tide, as well as exciting short stories (Redeemed, Heart of Rage, Bloodline) and background material from New York Times bestselling author James Swallow.

‘If you’re after atmosphere, spectacle and full on warfare then you’re not going to find much better than what’s inside these pages.’ – Graeme’s fantasy book review

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