The X-Files: Conspiracy Theory - Everything Is Connected

Model/varenr.: IDW01497

“What exactly happened out there, agent?” After another
truly unbelievable case comes to an end, Agent Fox
Mulder finds himself in a familiar seat: directly across from
his superiors at the FBI. While Agent Scully urged him tell
a story that the panel would accept, Mulder’s need to
believe is just too great.
In The X-Files: Conspiracy Theory - Everything Is
Connected players take turns as Fox Mulder as he uses
the provided clues to explain his conspiracy theory to his
FBI superiors. But reputation is everything at the FBI, and
Mulder’s superiors are more interested in voting with the
room rather than their gut. Mulder weaves together the
conspiracy, and the superiors must deduce the way the
rest of the room will vote… because the only thing worse
than being an outlier, is being a nut-case like Fox Mulder.

180 Evidence Cards
60 Conspiracy Cards
1 Rulebook

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