Social Network

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Social Network is a fast and simple party game that simulates modern social networks.
Post pictures, participate in contests and find out new things about your friends — sounds famlliar, doesn’t it? In Social Network players
compete in real time to create the best profile, so you’ll need to be creative, fast and efficient.
Each player has their own deck of different cards.
During the game each player tries to play their cards as fast and effective as possible by creating their own profile and also contributing to other
players. All players play simultaneously, there are no turns in the game.
The cards are:
Gallery — you play it in your own Profile and other player may Like it.
Like — you play it on other player’s Galleries.
Contest — you play it in your own Profile and either ask a question for others to answer or give a task for others to fulfill.
Quiz — you play it in your own profile and halt the game for a while. Then you make a statement and other players have to guess whether
it is correct or not.
You earn points by playing your cards and also winning Contests and answering correctly to Quizes. In the end the player with the most points
is the winner.

• 150 cards
• game rules

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