Red Dragon Inn: Allies - Erin the Ever-Changing

Model/varenr.: SFG013

Each Allies character will come in a two piece telescoping box containing a brand new 40-card character deck, Rules, Player Mat, Gold Coin Tokens, Fortitude and Alcohol Content markers as well as extra elements unique to each character. When you first meet this soft-spoken young elf, you might be surprised to learn that she?s an adept adventurer; even more so that she?s often fighting on the front line. But then again, you don?t run into very many shape shifting druids at the Red Dragon Inn? The Good: Erin?s always ready with a kind word and a healing chant to smooth ruffled feathers or mend wounded flesh. The Bad: When the drinks start flowing, Erin can turn into a tree. Have you ever tried out-drinking a tree? It?s not pretty.

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