Good Cop Bad Cop: Bombers and Traitors

Model/varenr.: OWG0311

Bombers and Traitors is an expansion to Good Cop Bad Cop that reduces the player requirement to go as low as 3 players while adding another layer of deduction and new opportunities for deception. You will not only be investigating players to find out who is Honest and who is Crooked, but also to figure out if anyone is a Bomber or a Traitor. Additional Equipment cards have been added to aid you in your new tasks.

The Bombers and Traitors expansion still facilitates the wild and exciting gameplay of Good Cop Bad Cop, but opens the door to new strategies. If you eliminate a Bomber or do not eliminate a Traitor, everyone but them will lose, so Crooked and Honest cops alike must momentarily put their differences aside to work together and avoid these threats.

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