Saab JAS-39D Gripen Twinseater

Model/varenr.: REVL03956

Skill level: 3
Scale: 1:1/72
Length: 215 mm
Wingspan: 127 mm
Parts: 115

Tandem two-seater

The Gripen or "Griffon" is a canard-equipped, delta-winged fighter with fly-by-wire controls that was introduced in the late nineties. It was wholly developed by Sweden and has proven controversial in many respects, but entirely successful. With its Mach 2 maximum speed and multitude of weapons options, the Gripen is an aircraft to be reckoned with. Kit features detailed cockpit and undercarriage plus auxiliary fuel tanks, RB-15, Sidewinder, and AIM-120 guided missiles, and decals for a Swedish version.

OBS. Der medfølger ikke lim, pensel og maling.

195,00 DKK
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